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Specimen Identification Solutions

Avoid misdiagnosis, securely link specimen to patient

Mix-ups can lead to misdiagnosis. Make sure you know the identity of every specimen in your laboratory. Leica helps you create a secure link between each patient and every sample. Choose a high-efficiency labeler for high-legibility identifiers. Manage your workflow with a tailored specimen tracking system. Eliminate errors as Leica helps ensure you always link every container, cassette and slide to the correct case and the right patient.

Choose the right solution to reduce errors and improve patient safety in your laboratory.

Specimen Tracking

Select the Leica CEREBRO Specimen Tracking System to improve the efficiency of your histology process while securely identifying and tracking patient samples.

On-demand labeling

Select the HistoCore PERMA S for direct on-demand slide labeling at the microtome station.

Select the Cognitive Cxi for on-demand slide labeling at the workstation.

Batch and on-demand labeling

Select the Leica IP C for centralized, high-volume cassette labeling and for on-demand cassette labeling next to the grossing station.

Select the Leica IP S for centralized, high-volume slide labeling.

Create a complete solution with matching consumables

Select cassettes, slides, and slide labels. Order now at our online shop.

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