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Clinical Rotary Microtomy Solutions

Cut each block with the care every patient needs

Cut each block carefully and maintain critical diagnostic detail. Leica rotary microtomes give skilled microtomists the precision, control and comfort they need to get the best from every block. So place a Leica rotary microtome on your bench and consistently get the best possible sections from any block, for each patient, on every day..

Choose the rotary microtome that lets you get the best possible section from every block.


Select the Leica RM2125 RTS or the advanced HistoCore BIOCUT for precise and economical sectioning.


HistoCore MULTICUT for the feel of manual hand wheel operation with the consistency of motorized feed.

Fully automated

HistoCore AUTOCUT for fast, accurate and fatigue-free clinical sectioning.

Complement your microtome with optional accessories

Click here to find out how the Leica RM CoolClamp cools specimens and improves quality.

Create a complete solution with matching consumables

Select from a range of blades, knives, oils and slides. Order now at our online shop.

Improve your knowledge and skills

Visit Pathology Leaders for Microtomy webinars, educational articles and discussion.