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Routine Staining Solutions

Deliver the clear well-defined stains that pathologists need

Pathologists use your slides to make life-changing diagnostic decisions. Make sure they have the clear detail they need for every patient. Leica understands that high-clarity stains depend on great reagents, precision stainers and good practice. So a Leica routine staining solution integrates stain, stainer and expert advice. Choose a Leica staining solution for a high-efficiency path to consistent staining, and diagnostic confidence.

Choose the right solution for high-quality staining in your laboratory

HistoCore SPECTRA ST Stainer

High-throughput Stainers

Select the HistoCore SPECTRA ST Stainer for high throughput and flexibility.

Select the Leica ST5020 Multistainer for exceptional flexibility.

Select the ST5010 Autostainer XL for a proven everyday stainer.

Leica ST4020 Small Linear Stainer

Compact Stainers

Select the Leica ST4020 Small Linear Stainer for consistent quality in a compact design.

Choose the right solution for delivering quality automated coverslipping in your laboratory.

Leica ST5010-CV5030 Integrated Workstation

Fully automated Coverslipping Workstation

Select the Leica ST5010-CV5030 Integrated Workstation for walk-away staining and coverslipping.

Leica ST5020-CV5030 Integrated Workstation

Flexible Coverslipping Workstation

Select the Leica ST5020-CV5030 Integrated Workstation for exceptionally flexibile staining and coverslipping.

Choose from a broad range of staining consumables for your laboratory

Optimized Staining Kits

Select the Leica ST Infinity H&E Staining System for a complete system ready-torun on the ST5010 or ST5020.

Select a Special Stain Kit for a complete solution optimized with Leica high-throughput stainers.

Create a complete solution with matching consumables

Portfolio also includes a range of stains, slides, mountants and cover glass. Order now at our online shop.

Pathology Leaders Education Portal

Improve your knowledge and skills

Visit Pathology Leaders for Routine Staining webinars, educational articles and discussion.